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encourager. optimist. honorary bridesmaid

A Modern Jewel Toned Wedding at Brik | Cody + Coleigh

June 26, 2024

Leslie, with Alice and Apricot had a vision to transform The Brik with a colorful and modern design that was grounded in rich tones and textures and let me tell you, she and her team DELIVERED!

Coleigh is that sort of effortless beauty that I could not stop shooting and the fact that she not only has a golden retriever husand in Cody(what a precious hearted guy) she brought her ACTUAL golden retriever, Pudge to share the spotlight with. There’s just something about a bride’s dog that melts my heart!

Enjoy some of oru favorites from the dream team!

Creative Team

Planning and Design: Alice + Apricot

Floral Design: Petals Couture

Hair and Makeup: Jones Beauty and Co

Venue: Brik Venue